What do high-fat diets and hair loss have in common? According to a recent report from scientists at John Hopkins University School of Medicine, more than you might think.

Treating Hair Loss Caused by Fatty Diets

The article, published on July 30 in the Scientific Reports journal, describes not only how the team showed a link between hair loss and a diet rich in fats, but also how they found a potential cure. The researchers started by feeding two groups of mice with different diets. Mice which were given high-fat, high-cholesterol foods to imitate a Western diet showed greater hair loss, wounds and hair discolouration than those fed a normal diet. When the mice were treated with the team’s experimental compound, the symptoms began to reverse. Their hair grew back, the colour was restored and their wound-healing improved.

Advances in Hair Loss Treatment Knowledge

Subroto Chatterjee PhD, one of the paper’s authors, said that although the research was a positive step, it was still too early to consider their experimental compound to be a hair loss cure. As it has only been tested on mice, it is impossible to say whether it will be safe or even have the same effect on humans. However, it is a significant advance in knowledge that will certainly help in developing hair loss treatments in the future.

The Latest & Best Hair Restoration Solutions 

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Hair Loss, High-Fat Diets & Scientific Advances