Put plainly, balding can have devastating psychological effects on a man. Research has been done to pinpoint specific lifestyle and quality of life issues involved with hair loss—happiness, energy levels, youthfulness, anxiety, self-confidence, future outlook, sex life, and career. Often, men with hair loss tend to ignore it, or accept it without question, believing that nothing can be done about it.

Balding can be permanent, but it can also be temporary. When people think of balding they usually think of permanent loss, called genetic male pattern baldness, in which the hair progressively disappears and in the worst cases all that’s left is a ring around the lower part of the head and a total absence of hair on top. Further, some hair loss is more limited — men may lose hair up to a point, but then the recession halts. The hair loss can be primarily on the frontal hairline, the crown of the head, or both.

Hair Loss In Men - An IntroductionBefore giving up, take some time to look into your options. Be sure, though, that you choose carefully where you seek help. Unless they are certified in this area, chances are they may not be proficient. Another thing to be aware of is that there are many products on the market that take advantage of balding men and claim cures that have no effect. It’s vital to educate yourself and seek a certified consultant, doctor, and/or dermatologist that specialises in hair, to often “snake oil” salesmen will push products that don’t work.

Hair Loss In Men – An Introduction