Millions of people around the world turn to the Bible for wisdom, inspiration, and hope, but did you know that the pages of the Bible’s Old Testament (the part written before the birth of Jesus Christ) contain one of humanity’s first stories about the sensitivity people develop around hair loss? Just like our culture today, ancient cultures often associated balding among men with declining virility, power, and attractiveness.  The ancient Jews were no exception. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we want you to know that you’re not alone in your hair loss journey. In fact, the people who have struggled with hair loss stretch back into antiquity, and include the ancient Jewish prophet Elisha.

The second Book of Kings records that as the prophet Elisha was travelling from the city of Jericho to the city of Bethel, a group of forty-two young boys surrounded him and taunted him about his balding head. According to the New International Version of the Bible, when the boys saw him, they yelled, “Get out of here, baldy!” Elisha, apparently, was quite insecure about his balding head, and so he prayed that the boys would be punished for making fun of him. According to the story, Elisha summoned two bears who promptly punished the boys for making fun of his head. This strange story shows that ever since ancient times, men have struggled against the social pressures that turn balding into many people’s worst nightmare.

Just like Elisha, men today still face enormous social pressures to maintain a full head of hair. And those pressures can make them feel quite vulnerable. Writer Rhodri Marsden notes that this story demonstrates the age-old difficulties of finding a solution to hair loss. Instead of using his awesome power to regrow his hair, Elisha instead summons bears to punish the people mocking his insecurities. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we want you to know that modern science has provided solutions for your struggle with hair loss. Instead of summoning bears to tackle the problem, you can turn to trained medical experts. With the advancements in hair transplant surgeries and scalp micropigmentation procedures, we at Vinci Hair Clinic can help to end your long, difficult struggle with hair loss.


The Hair Loss Vulnerability Behind One of the Bible’s Strangest Stories