screenshot_10People’s hair is important to them. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we say this over and over because it’s true. We watch people leave our clinics every day happier and more confident than when they arrived; their restored hairlines change how they feel about themselves and their lives. And when you look back in time at how people have thought about hair and baldness for thousands of years, it makes sense. Lately, we’ve been reading Kerry Segrave’s Baldness: A Social History, and we think it sheds light on why people feel so strongly about their hair.

Throughout human history, people have associated hair with their personal energy, power, and vitality––think of the story of Samson and Delilah. Samson’s extraordinary strength came from his hair, and when it was cut, he lost all of his strength. But it goes back even further than that. When the ancient Greeks conquered cities, they would force the people to shave their heads to symbolize their defeat––their loss of power. After one battle, the Greek King Mausoleus allowed the defeated Lycians to import wigs because he felt so bad that he’d cut their hair off! The ancient North American Indians, Central Asian Scythians, and European Visigoths would all cut the hair of their enemies, too. Throughout time, humans have associated their hair with their vital energy, their life force, and their power.

Have you ever wondered why monks shave the top of their heads? In some religions, they shave their hair entirely. The do it to represent their submission. By shaving their heads, they’re submitting their lives to a power higher than themselves, symbolizing their meekness, devotion, and humility. No matter where you go around the world, people are always attentive to how they cut, grow, and keep their hair––and when they start to lose it unwillingly, it feels like losing power and control over life.

At Vinci Hair Clinic, our goal is to empower people by giving them the option of restoring their hairline. Even though times have changed, the importance people place on their hair hasn’t. Our skilled surgeons and technicians can restore your hairline in order to bring back your vitality, confidence, and sense of power over your own life.


Why Does Hair Matter to People So Much?