Hair restoration treatments such as hair transplant surgery are often used to treat conditions such as pattern baldness. But did you know that such techniques can also help people who have hair loss or scarring caused by an accident or surgery?

Restoring Hair & Confidence with Hair Transplants

We often think of hair loss being caused by genetics or illness. However, many people find themselves with bald patches or scarred areas where hair won’t grow following an accident or medical treatment. The latest hair transplant techniques have made it possible to help these people get their hair back, even in quite severe cases where previously it would have been impossible. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplants utilise a surgical micro-punch during graft harvesting. This minimally-invasive method makes it easier to obtain grafts, which is especially important when the quantity of donor hair is limited. For some individuals, it may be possible to gain additional donor hair from the back or chest.

Disguising Scars with Micro Scalp Pigmentation

Hair transplant surgery isn’t right for everyone. Some people simply prefer not to have surgery, while others are not suitable candidates for the procedure due to limited donor hair or deep scarring that will hinder graft survival. For such cases, non-surgical Shaved Head Micro Scalp Pigmentation (MSP) offers a great alternative. The procedure works to cover bald areas and camouflage scars, blending them into the natural hair growth. The pigment is applied to the scalp in tiny dots which appear just like stubbly, freshly-shaven hair, even when seen close up. The result is completely natural and is ideal for those who would like a buzz-hairstyle but feel embarrassed about their scars.

Vinci Hair Clinic Can Help

With over 30 clinics across the globe and more than a decade of experience, Vinci Hair Clinic’s specialists are skilled in treating all kinds of hair loss concerns. Their expertise allows them to take on even the most challenging of hair restoration cases, including clients with severe scarring. You can find out more about their personalised hair restoration services by booking a free consultation at your local Vinci Hair Clinic.


Hair Restoration for Accident Victims