Ex lead singer of Oasis, Liam Gallagher recently made the headlines following comments that he would wear a wig if he went bald, and that nobody wants to see bald rock-stars.

It is not the first time that the “Roll With It” vocalist, currently publicising his solo album “As You Were”, has found his hair under scrutiny. In 2014, paparazzi caught photos of his once lavish locks looking patchy and thinner around the temples.

Internationally renown hair loss experts, Vinci Hair Clinic say that Liam’s symptoms are typical of those with male pattern baldness. It’s been noted that although male pattern baldness is hereditary, Liam’s older brother Noel does not appear to be suffering from the same condition. Vinci Hair Clinic explain that this is not unusual. While some siblings in a family will be the unlucky ones who inherit the trait for baldness, others will maintain thick hair growth as they age. The difference has caused much tabloid speculation as to whether this is an additional cause of tension between the famously argumentative pair.

Though Liam has announced to the world that he’d happily wear a wig, Vinci Hair Clinic explain that there are many other solutions available for men like him. They offer surgical, non-surgical and medical treatments that are considerably more practical than a hair-piece.

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Vinci explain that hair transplant surgery is often an excellent choice for sufferers of male pattern baldness, offering a permanent, natural solution. However, Liam is reported to have refused offers of hair transplants in the past. For those who do not wish to have surgery, Vinci Hair Clinic offer FDA approved medicines, minoxidil and finasteride, which can halt hair loss and promote growth. Other non-surgical hair restoration solutions from Vinci include PRP, mesotherapy and LLLT therapy.

Vinci’s consultants also mention that Liam should consider seeking expert advice on his condition as soon as possible. Hair loss can be more difficult to treat the further it progresses. Hiding bald patches under a wig will not make them go away, nor is it very “rock and roll”. If, like the younger Gallagher brother, you are concerned about hair loss – take action and contact Vinci Hair Clinic today to learn more about the solutions available to you.

Hair Restoration Options for Liam Gallagher