If you are considering having a hair transplant procedure, it is essential to choose a clinic that has an excellent reputation for exactly the work you want to be carried out, whose practitioners are qualified and have a wealth of experience, and whose pre and after care instructions are insightful, helpful, and easy to follow.

This is an important decision, and picking the wrong practitioner at the wrong clinic can make all the difference between the end result being a wonderful, confidence boosting head full of thick, healthy hair, and a huge disappointment which, in the end, costs more than you might ever have considered.

Hair Transplant Healthcare: Choosing the Right Clinic


Poorly planned surgery should never happen, but it does. Before agreeing to any procedures, it is so important to discuss the surgery with your practitioner first. You need to know what will happen (it’s your scalp, after all), how long it is expected to take, what sensations you may or may not feel, and what to do afterwards in order to care for your delicate follicles.

You should certainly meet with your surgeon before the day of your procedure, and bring with you a list of questions – a good practitioner with plenty of knowledge and experience will happily answer your questions and put you at ease. If questions are dodged, or you simply don’t feel comfortable, then it is best not to continue. This is why meeting and talking with your surgeon before the day of the operation is paramount; leaving it until it is too late (until money has been spent, in other words) will mean you may feel as though you have to go through with it, even if you don’t feel it is right for you.

A good surgeon will talk through the procedure with you before you commit to anything, and tell you about the other options available to you. A great surgeon will let you know what other options are available and suggest an alternative procedure if it would suit you better. This is true even if it is a route that costs less, and is therefore less profitable for the clinic. This is true even if it would be better for you – for whatever reason – not to have any surgery at all. A great surgeon knows that it is not all about the money; it’s about the patient’s happiness as well.

Hair Transplant Healthcare: Choosing the Right Clinic