Hair transplant surgery is on the rise. For both men and women suffering hair loss, a hair transplant offers them an opportunity to regain their hair. However, just like any other medical procedure, hair transplant surgery carries some risks. Should you go for transplant surgery without exploring other avenues? What do hair transplant specialists think about offering the procedure as the first choice of treatment?

According to transplant experts attending a recent cadaveric workshop at the Goa Medical College (GMC), not every case of hair loss requires surgical intervention. The recent newspaper report by the Times of India also quoted surgeons from the Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (AHTS) saying that a hair regrowth rate of nearly 40 percent is achievable without surgery.

Trying other medical options first

Facing the impending doom of a balding head or the embarrassment of thinning hair, a transplant may seem like the best solution initially. However, there are several medical treatments available to help reduce hair loss. Vinci Hair Clinic, for example, offers a number of alternative hair loss treatments for men and women. These include the following:


  • Finasteride—primarily stops hair loss and may result in modest regrowth.
  • Laser cap treatment.
  • Mesotherapy for hair growth.
  • Platelet-rich plasma treatment for women.

Understanding the underlying causes of hair loss in each individual is key to creating a personalised treatment plan that can reverse the situation or prevent it from worsening. This is why exploring other options, other than a hair transplant, is vital as a first fix.

Once the effects of medical treatments have been observed over a period of time, some patients are happy with the result and decide to continue without transplant surgery. However, some people decide they still want to go ahead with a hair transplant and are happy to schedule an appointment.

Vinci Hair Clinic offers a range of hair restoration treatment options. Whether you are experiencing the early signs of hair loss or you’ve lost most of your hair, arrange a consultation to discuss your options with an expert. During the consultation, you will find out more about the medical treatments available, as well as the surgical procedures. Only then should you decide, alongside the advice from your surgeon, the best course of action.

As much as a hair transplant procedure seems attractive, it is worth exploring other medical treatments first. Visit Vinci Hair Clinic to find out more about the hair treatments available to help you treat your hair loss.


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