Nothing ever prepares you for losing your hair. Hair loss can be devastating, more so if you’re a woman. Almost all women attach some sense of personal worth to the way they look, and hair is an integral part of every woman’s “look.”

But is there a solution that you can use to regain both your hair and save yourself the shame of being called “bald head?” The answer is “yes.” You can find another opportunity to regain your priceless self-esteem and confidence by undergoing a hair transplant at a reputable clinic.

For many people who have worries about regaining their natural crowns, technology is an efficient tool. All you need to do is look at the possibilities that surround you. These technologies can empower you to prevent and control baldness.

Undergoing a transplant surgery

Once you have decided to undergo the process, you need to know that the procedure will take several hours. Depending on the exact procedure you choose, it may require harvesting of hair follicles from elsewhere on your head. In other procedures, you may need to donate a graft of hair from your scalp.

After the transplant

A hair transplant process does not produce instant results. It may be eight months to a year before you begin to reap the rewards of your financial investment. But, what price can you put on your confidence and self- esteem. Your hair restoration specialist should help you manage your expectations by explaining the process and the time it takes to get results, prior to the procedure.


Understanding the cost

Hair transplant costs vary across the world depending on the procedure of your choice and the clinic you decide to go with among other factors. One word of caution—you shouldn’t pick a clinic based on just the price they will charge for your transplant. Make sure you thoroughly research the clinic and its doctors and examine the results they have achieved with other patients.

It affects both sexes

Lastly, you need to understand that hair loss also affects women at different stages of their lives.


About half the population of modern women experiences some sort of hair loss with varying degrees of severity. One of the reasons connected to these balding challenges in women is oral contraceptives. Hair loss doesn’t affect just women, though, men suffer the impact on confidence and self-esteem that hair loss usually brings with it as well.

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Why a hair transplant is the solution that will restore your self-worth