It’s no secret that Harry Styles got one of the most dramatic haircuts of 2016 back in May. Fans fawned over his long, dreamy locks for years! It took some getting used to, but Harry is just as attractive with short hair as he is with long. Celebrity hairstylist, Anthony Turner had the honor of giving Styles the new hairdo. Anthony’s work has been shown on the cover of Vogue, Another Man, and Self Service dozens of times. Coincidently, his appearance on Another Man’s cover is thanks to Harry Styles!

There’s nothing better than doing something for a good cause, and Harry did just that. As soon as the locks were chopped, he donated them to the Little Princess Trust.


The charity makes and distributes wigs for children who lose hair from cancer treatments. His great locks will live on, and make a young child feel beautiful. His old hairdo is gone, but the new one has already had its fair share of time in the spotlight. Harry Styles’s role in the soon-to-be released movie, Dunkirk showcases the sleek cut.

Since the trim, Anthony Turner has leaked a few photos to his Instagram account detailing the monumental moment. One shows the ponytail pic that was initially found on Harry’s Instagram. Another one has emerged which shows Turner in action. The tale of the haircut has finally come full circle!

Putting the celebrity of Mr. Styles aside, hair loss is a serious issue affecting many middle-aged people, as well as an increasing number of people in their early twenties. Going bald has the negative effect of sucking the confidence out of you. Many people accept the jibes from friends and family as banter but inside, they’re hurting. Wigs and other ways of hiding a receding hairline are often inadequate. Having people find out you wear a wig seems even more embarrassing than the fact your hair is slowly thinning away. Thankfully, there are dedicated professionals who are waiting to help you get your hair back.

Vinci Hair Clinic offers hair transplant and treatment services for men and women suffering from hair loss. Harness the power of the experts to be on your way to your dream haircut. You may not have the celebrity of Harry Styles but with Vinci Hair Clinic, you’ve got every chance to regain your hair, and your youth.



Harry Styles’ Dramatic Cut Steals the Show