Has Will Ferrell Had A Hair Transplant?Will Ferrell has created many an iconic character, but perhaps his most famous are Buddy the Elf (no Christmas is complete without him!) and Ron Burgundy of Anchorman. Ron Burgundy is known for his huge, comedy moustache and thick, styled hair, but which one do you think is actually the fake?

It’s the hair. Will Ferrell grew the moustache himself, but he was unable to do the same with his hair in order to obtain Burgundy’s famous locks. In the movies, that hair is an expensive and very realistic wig; it had to be as Ferrell’s own hair loss prevented him from creating the look naturally.

It was this experience that prompted Ferrell to look into ways of gaining some – if not all – of his own hair back, so that he would no longer need to use ‘stunt hair’ in his films. It is why he took the decision to have a hair transplant rather than buy a good wig, as he had not particularly enjoyed wearing one during filming. And he is so glad he did make that decision; he is incredibly pleased with the result. So he should be; it cost around $40,000 (£26,000)! Many procedures don’t cost anywhere near the much, so if you are considering surgery, don’t let that figure put you off, and a sum of closer to £5,000 is nearer the mark.

After the procedure, Will Ferrell admits that he was warned about wearing a wig in other movies, since wearing one for too long over transplanted hair can cause friction alopecia, which can stunt or completely stop the follicles from growing, and cause further hair loss.

So we shall see whether Will Ferrell heeds the advice of his clinic and no longer wears wigs in his films. If there is to be an Anchorman 3, will Ferrell be able to grow his own hair into Ron Burgundy’s luscious locks, or will he be forced to use another excellent wig and run the risk of friction alopecia?

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Has Will Ferrell Had a Hair Transplant?