The vast majority of men will suffer from some degree of hair loss over their lifetime, the psychological distress hair loss causes many men is very real; but men are not alone having to deal with this socially affecting cosmetic peccadillo.

Female hair loss is not a new phenomenon but is generally over shadowed, that certainly does not reduce the personal distress to the individual suffering from hair loss. A woman’s hair is often seen as her crowning glory, something that she will always have that defines her as a woman, and to suffer from hair loss therefore can have a great effect on a woman’s self confidence and self-esteem.


The female hair loss pattern is commonly a diffused thinning and miniaturising of the hair shaft, maintaining a hair line with a lower hair density behind; like male pattern baldness the hair around the sides and back generally goes unaffected. Causes of hair loss can vary but generally revolve around a hormonal imbalance, other causes maybe more common with female hair loss but are not gender specific, such as traction alopecia, trichotillomania, alopecia areata, stress and dietary deficiencies.

Hiding thinning hair can be easier for a woman, different hair styles can help camouflage and give the illusion of thicker hair, also changing the hair colour to reduce the contrast between the scalp and the hair; but that does not disguise or remedy the underlying problem.

Dependent on the severity and cause of the problem medical treatments can be beneficial, also surgical and non-surgical treatments are suitable for the right candidate; a hair transplant procedure or Scalp MicroPigmentation. If the cause cannot be easily identified it is suggested to undergo a blood test, this can show if conditions such as thyroid or an iron deficiency can be treated and in return help stabilise the loss or thinning of hair.

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Having to deal with hair loss, from a woman’s perspective