Over recent years, trends for facial hair have consistently favoured beards and moustaches. From classic goatees to full beards, men everywhere are enjoying the personalised touch that growing and styling their facial hair brings to their look.

But what about men whose facial hair is thin or grows unevenly? Do they just have to accept the fact that if they grow a beard, it will never look quite right? Or is there something that can be done about it?

A Solution for Sparse Facial Hair

Vinci Hair Clinic, experts in hair restoration, say that men who are unhappy with their facial hair growth don’t have to settle for what nature has given them. Instead, they can join the growing number of guys who are tackling the problem by having beard and moustache hair transplants.

Beard & Moustache Transplant Surgery

Like scalp hair transplants surgery, the idea behind a facial hair transplant is to fill out patchy or hairless areas of the beard and/or moustache, using the patient’s own hair. Vinci Hair Clinic’s specialists explain that they harvest the hair grafts from the head or body and implant them into the desired zones. It is essential for the graft placements to be carefully planned, taking into consideration the direction of hair growth and density. This precise attention to detail is what makes Vinci Hair Clinic facial hair transplants so natural-looking.

The Advantages of a Facial Hair Transplant

Facial hair transplants allow guys who have patchy growth to finally enjoy the same styling flexibility as those who are naturally more hirsute. After the initial healing stages are complete, transplant patients have the freedom to grow or shave their beard and moustache as desired. The transplanted hairs will be imperceptible from the original facial hair, so those who have had the surgery have no need to tell anyone – unless they want to.

If you would like to learn more about facial hair transplant surgery, contact Vinci Hair Clinic. Their friendly team are always willing to share their expertise and answer any questions you may have about this innovative hair restoration treatment.

How Facial Hair Transplants Are Giving Men Fuller Beards