Young or old, hair loss effects all without discrimination, with the majority of men suffering from some degree of hair loss over their life time.

Male pattern baldness, MPB, is a genetic hair loss condition; a by-product of testosterone, di-hydrotestosterone latches on to the hair follicle and triggers the male pattern baldness gene. The process is relatively slow with the first signs being a thinning of the hair shaft, and slower regrowth, until eventually the follicles ceases to regrow any new hair. The initially signs of hair loss is often a receding hair line, but it can also be seen with the crown becoming thinner.

The Norwood scale depicts the hair loss over the stages, from minor hair line loss, to an advanced hair loss pattern; NW2 being minor hair loss to NW7 advanced, with NW”V” to categorise crown, or vertex hair loss patterning.


If hair loss can be caught in the early stages then hair retention treatments can help to stabilise the problem, and in some even improve the quality of hair growth.  At present there are 3 Food and Drug Administration, FDA, approved treatments for hair loss, topical and oral.

As hair loss progresses treatment regimens will become less effective, but can still stabilise further hair loss, which can be helpful if the idea is to undergo hair restoration. Surgical and non-surgical hair restoration has become a more popular solution to hair replacement. Scalp MicroPigmentation is a specialist and highly skilled treatment that mimics shaved hair or stubble, regardless how advanced the hair loss stage is the appearance of a full shaved head of hair can be achieved.

A hair transplant is not a cure for hair loss, but the movement of genetically strong hair to the suffering from hair loss. With great medical and artistic skill natural hair lines can be rebuilt to rival nature, advanced hair loss can be reversed.

Planning is vital to successful hair restoration, good planning and discussing your goals with the Clinic, having a consultation to measure your hair characteristics, and being explained what can be achieved will result in successful hair restoration and a happy individual. Undergoing hair restoration is personal, and when carried out to the highest standards can make positive life improvements; the stress hair loss can cause is real to many and to some no price can be  put on regaining the look of a good head of hair.

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