Is hair loss causing you stress and affecting your enjoyment of life?

Hair transplants could be the solution that you need to restore your hair to its former glory.

What is hair transplant surgery?

Hair transplant surgery is a permanent procedure which uses grafts of the patient’s hair to fill out their areas of hair loss. One of the earliest known hair transplants took place in 1897, but it wasn’t until nearly 100 years later that the surgery started to become more mainstream. In the 80s, the plug type hair transplants were common. Unfortunately, the results often looked unnatural and left doctors looking for a better solution. The 1990s saw the development of Follicular Unit Transplant FUT (also known as strip hair transplants) which improved on graft harvesting and provided a more convincing result. The most recent innovation in hair transplant surgery is Follicular Unit Extraction FUE, which allows for maximum graft extraction and a quicker recovery.

More about FUT and FUE Hair Transplants 

Today, both FUT and FUE hair transplants remain a popular choice for men and women who have hair loss. Many celebrities have opted to have the surgery in recent years and a growing number of them have talked openly about their decision, helping to break taboos about hair restoration.

The main difference between FUT and FUT treatments is in how the grafts are harvested. During FUT surgery, a narrow section of hair-bearing skin is removed from the back of the patient’s scalp and divided into grafts. This type of surgery leaves a fine scar which will be hidden under the hair as it grows. During FUE surgery, a minimally-invasive micro-punch tool is used to extract individual grafts, leaving few signs that a surgery has been performed. The techniques have been refined to optimise every stage of the procedure, from graft extraction and placement to after-care.

Vinci Hair Clinic Hair Transplants

Vinci Hair Clinic is an international network of hair restoration clinics specialising in hair restoration. They offer a choice of FUT and FUE hair transplants, which are performed by expert surgeons in dedicated medical clinics. Vinci also provides non-surgical and medical hair loss treatments.

How Hair Transplants Can Solve Hair Loss