In this blog, we offer a selection of top tips to help you care for your hair like an expert.

 Natural shedding versus thinning

Let’s start with the basics – how do you know if you are experiencing hair loss or normal shedding? We all lose an average of around 100 strands daily, which is part of the natural hair growth cycle. Consistently losing more than that is a sign that something is amiss. Other red flags include a reduction in overall volume and the inability to grow hair past a certain length.

Everyday care

The right daily grooming routine can go a long way to keeping hair healthy and reducing your risk of hair loss. Start by choosing shampoo, conditioner and other products that are tailored to your hair type. For example, people with dry hair should opt for hydrating formulas, while those with thinning hair will benefit from products which have a volumising effect. When it comes to styling, be aware of that high temperatures and chemicals can cause damage to the strands and minimal use is recommended. Tightly fixed styles, heavy hairpieces and accessories that put the follicles under strain should also be used with care.

Hair growth-boosting treatments

You can give your follicles a helping hand by using hair growth-boosting treatments such as PRP Therapy and LLLT. PRP is a clinical treatment which uses injections of platelets, extracted from your blood. Regular sessions have been proven to improve hair density as well as overall condition.  LLLT, on the other hand, is an at-home treatment which requires you to wear a cap-like device which contains laser lights. The light waves stimulate the follicles and enhance hair growth with just 7 minutes of treatment per day.

Get specialist advice for free

If you are concerned about excess shedding or bald patches, don’t suffer in silence. You can get free specialist advice from the experts at Vinci Hair Clinic. With treatment centres around the world and a long list of satisfied clients, they are leaders in hair restoration. Contact them now to find out about their clinically-proven solutions for hair loss, including PRP Therapy, Mesotherapy, LLLT, hair transplant surgery and Micro Scalp Pigmentation.




How to Care for Your Hair Like an Expert


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