When you start to notice that your hair is getting thinner or shedding more heavily than usual, it can be a distressing experience. You might feel frightened and worry that you are going to go completely bald. You might try to hide your hair loss with a hat or a new style. You might even avoid talking to your family and friends about your concerns. Though these reactions are typical, it is important not to panic – nor should you ignore the problem. Hair loss (alopecia) is relatively common amongst women of all ages and there are many solutions available to help.

Your First Step Towards Beating Hair Loss

Diet, stress, genetics, illness and hormonal changes are amongst the many causes of female hair loss. It is essential to understand what is causing your condition in order to be able to treat it properly. Many women waste their precious time and money on hair regrowth remedies that either don’t work or make their hair loss worse.

Don’t try to figure it out alone. Instead, get professional advice from a hair loss specialist who can get straight to the root of the problem. A good way to do this is to take advantage of Vinci Hair Clinic’s offer of a free hair restoration consultation. They have clinics around the world and offer a range of clinically proven hair loss treatments for women. Their experienced teams are highly-trained and are very understanding of how upsetting hair loss can be.

Choosing Treatments for Female Hair Loss

The treatments that you will be recommended for your hair loss will depend on your condition and goals for hair restoration. Vinci Hair Clinic provide medical, surgical and non-surgical solutions and develop personalised treatment plans for each individual client. They will offer sincere advice on what will work best for you, whether that is using the medicine minoxidil (Maxogaine), PRP therapy, LLLT Laser Cap therapy, Vitruvian Line nutrient complex or a combination of treatments. They can also help you decide if FUE or FUT hair transplant surgery would be right for you, or whether non-surgical Long Hair Micro Scalp Pigmentation would get you the results that you want to achieve.

How to Deal with Female Hair Loss