Like the hair on the scalp, the eyelashes can be affected by hair loss. In this blog, we discover the causes of eyelash thinning and explain what can be done to prevent and treat the problem.

What causes thin eyelashes?

Some people have naturally sparse eyelashes, however, there are several factors that cause others to develop abnormal shedding or interrupted growth. There are a number of health conditions, such as thyroid disorders and chronic stress, that are linked with hair loss on the scalp but can also cause eyelash loss. Eyelash thinning can also be triggered by infections of the eye or the eyelash follicle, when inflammation can make the hair fall out or prevent it from growing properly. Another potential cause is the use of eyelash hair extensions, cosmetics and other styling techniques which put the follicle under strain, pulling the hair out and even damaging the follicle.

Five quick tips for preventing thin eyelashes

  1. Use false eyelashes and eyelash extensions with care

  2. Use good quality cosmetics and replace products on a regular basis

  3. Remove eye make-up before going to bed

  4. Get prompt treatment for eye infections

  5. Follow a healthy diet and use a vitamin and mineral supplement to support hair growth

Hair transplants to restore thin eyelashes

Hair transplants are a permanent solution for those whose eyelashes are naturally thin or who have experienced eyelash loss. The procedure is adapted from the standard hair transplant technique, with grafts being harvested from the “donor” area at the back of the head. The prepared grafts are carefully placed into the eyelash line to restore fullness and density. After the surgery, there is a healing period, after which the transplanted eyelashes will begin to grow. For most people, it will take several months for the final outcome to develop, however, the results will last a lifetime! Vinci Hair Clinics are proud to be one of the few hair restoration specialists in the world to offer this treatment. Their eyelash hair transplant procedures are always performed by highly-trained surgeons who combine knowledge, talent and artistry to create the best result for their patients.

How to Prevent & Treat Thin Eyelashes