Whether your hairline is slowly creeping higher or has completely vanished, these tips will help you to get it back.

Understand what causes a receding hairline

For hair loss specialists, a receding hairline is an instantly recognisable sign of male pattern baldness. This common condition also causes men to develop a bald patch on top of the head. Pattern baldness occurs in people whose follicles are genetically sensitive to testosterone. The affected follicles shrink, producing smaller, shorter hairs until they eventually go dormant and growth stops.

Three ways to get your hairline back

If you are unhappy with how hair loss is affecting your hairline, it is time to take action. There are several approaches to treatment for you to consider.

If your hair loss has started fairly recently, minoxidil is well worth a try. It is an FDA-approved medication which can reactivate dormant follicles and spur new growth. This treatment needs to be applied to directly to the hairline every day and can produce results within around three months.

If you want a shaved hairstyle but feel that it makes your receding hairline too noticeable, Micro Scalp Pigmentation (MSP) could be the treatment for you. It is a non-surgical procedure which simulates the look of stubbly hair growth, disguising hair loss and rebuilding the hairline. Even high levels of hair loss can be treated with MSP, so this is a great option for men whose hairline has completely gone.

If your goal is to return to a well-defined youthful-looking hairline, a permanent solution is offered by hair transplant surgery. This procedure uses follicles that are genetically strong and will not be affected by androgenetic alopecia to repopulate areas of hair loss. The result gradually grows in during the months following surgery and can be groomed and styled just like the rest of the hair.

Personalised hairline restoration advice

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How to Restore Your Hairline


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