A smooth, bald area exposes a large surface of skin that contains nothing to absorb the light. Brightness is easily reflected back as a result, causing a noticeable shine in some cases. This is something that has made some men feel self-conscious. No one really wants to draw unnecessary attention, much more to a condition that can be the root of some anxious feelings.


Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is an excellent procedure to deal with balding. It has a quick recovery period and its effects are almost immediately apparent right after treatment. No need to wait for long months before results may be seen. It is also easy to take care of. An SMP patient simply has to keep his scalp clean, moisturized and shave the existing hairs from time to time. The smoother it appears the better because the treatment needs to look uniform throughout. Any difference in depth due to the pigments looking more obvious against the existing hairs would make the treatment highly detectible. This would be opposite to the reason why the client received the treatment in the first place.

It is undeniable that the aftercare procedure is an indispensible process for the continued integrity of an SMP treatment. This however can also be one of the leading causes for the scalp to shine. The first reason it does this is due to how the existing hair is shaved. It should be done with the grain instead of going against it. This would leave a small amount of hair upon the scalp long enough to blend in with the pigments and creating enough coverage to absorb the light. Moisturising the scalp can also leave an oily residue, further accentuating the light bouncing off the skin. Using a matte based moisturiser can help reduce this shine.

The scalp naturally creates excess oil it needs to protect it from harmful bacteria that may potentially cause infection. Washing the scalp daily will not only help it get rid of this excess, it also cleans the dirt from it as well. This might result in a dry scalp however. The best thing to do is to apply a moisturiser with matte effect.

Another cause for scalp shine is sweating. It is of course unavoidable for people to sweat. In fact, it is encouraged because it helps the body cool down during strenuous activities whenever one engages in sports or other forms of physical exercise. Sweating also helps the body clean itself by releasing toxins through the sweat glands. It is highly acceptable to perspire during these situations. The case would be different however if a person is sweating due to a stressful situation caused by heightened emotions such as nervousness or anxiety. A shiny scalp could potentially compound a person’s embarrassment. It would be helpful to keep a handkerchief ready for a quick fix. Not only will it instantly reduce the shine, it is also very gentlemanly to have one ready for someone in need.

Dealing with scalp shine is a common occurrence for anyone with SMP or a bald scalp. It is acceptable to have it from time to time though it is best to try to reduce its occurrence. These simple methods can easily be incorporated into anybody’s daily routine. A little extra effort can go a long way toward a better-looking appearance.


How to stop your scalp from shining after SMP