Less than 50 percent of women maintain their hair coverage throughout their lifetime. This is a sad statistic and it’s even worse in men, with nearly 80 percent of men losing their hair in their lifetime. So, should everyone worry about losing their hair? What steps can men and women take to ensure they keep as much of their hair as possible? A recent article in the UK’s Guardian newspaper offered some advice on what you should do if you think you may be losing more hair than normal.

Is hair loss natural?

Yes, it is natural to lose some hair as it goes through its natural growth cycle. Also, for women, a condition called telogen effluvium (i.e., losing hair in small clumps) is common during pregnancy, stressful situations, surgery, or serious illness. This condition often corrects itself and the hair grows back.

When should I get worried?

You must try not to get too worried or stressed about hair loss. Stress has been proven to lead to some forms of hair loss and, hence, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy (you worry about hair loss and end up losing hair due to your worry). However, if you are continuously losing clumps of hair, either in the shower or when brushing, it may be worth giving the doctor a visit. A check of your iron levels and thyroid levels may indicate the potential cause of hair loss.

What solutions are available for hair loss?

A whole raft of treatment options is now available on the market, both medical and surgical. However, they do not come cheap, and they are not guaranteed to work in every situation. Hair loss is a specialist field and if you observe a worsening problem, consulting a specialist clinic is the best course of action. Vinci Hair Clinic specializes in hair loss treatment for both men and women, offering both surgical and medical procedures as options to treat hair loss.




Should I worry about my hair loss?