The scalp micropigmentation process is designed to be a permanent treatment for baldness. It uses special pigments exclusively for this purpose and can last without fading for about five years. An SMP patient can return to the SMP clinic for re-touch sessions to prolong the quality of the pigments. How long the treatment will be able to maintain its colour is ultimately dictated by how they follow their aftercare routine, avoidance to sun exposure and their natural skin acidity.

A patient would normally want to retain their SMP long term. It is a procedure that properly addresses balding and does not need much attention to manage. There are times however, that this needs to be altered or even removed. One such example is a sub-standard SMP treatment performed by an inexperienced technician. SMP should create an illusion of hair on a patient’s scalp. It is to be mistaken for hair, not recognised as a hair tattoo. Any form of detection would be a failure of the SMP treatment.


There are also times when an SMP patient would like to alter their hair pattern. An SMP procedure is a permanent treatment. Hairstyles on the other hand, constantly change and evolve. The patient might find that his hair pattern no longer suits his current tastes and would like to update it while still retaining his pigmentation. He can have some of its pigments removed and new ones placed in different areas to revamp his look.

Removal is done through concentrating a laser on each and every pigment deposit. The pigments are broken up through the heat that is focused upon it and will leave whitish marks in its place. This is a sign that the procedure worked. It would take about a couple of weeks before the marks would subside and the redness to fade. There is a time delay of six weeks if treatment is still required on the same patch of scalp in order to allow it to recover from the initial treatment. Note that a very small proportion of hair follicles can also be damaged in the process.

Researching on the right laser removal clinic should be done initial to undergoing any treatment. This would save the patient a lot of time and money by being able to get the assurance that what he is receiving is service of good quality. The different laser clinics will provide varying degrees of service. It is necessary to inquire and find out which one can provide an appropriate service at the right price, and to the right standard.

Information about the removal of scalp micropigmentation