With thousands of men and women all over the world suffering from hair loss, it is not a surprise that a multi-billion dollar industry has grown in an attempt to provide them with solutions. One of the more recent innovations in the hair restoration field is scalp pigmentation.

What is Scalp Pigmentation?

Often referred to as a hair tattoo, scalp pigmentation is the application of pigment to the scalp to disguise hair loss by creating the appearance of stubbly growth. The pigment is applied at a shallower skin depth to a traditional tattoo, and the treatment is generally completed over a number of sessions. The results that can be achieved with scalp pigmentation are permanent, amazingly natural and can only be distinguished from real hair on the closest inspection – however, not all scalp pigmentation practitioners can achieve this quality of result.

Are All Scalp Pigmentation Practitioners the Same?

As scalp pigmentation becomes increasingly popular, the number of clinics and salons offering the treatment has expanded to respond to customer demand. However, it is important to realise that the quality of the result relies entirely on the practitioner’s skill and artistic ability, as well as the tools they use.  Inexperienced scalp pigmentation technicians may create patchy results or a hairline that is unflattering to the client’s bone structure. Those without medical training may put the client at risk of infection. Meanwhile, those who use sub-standard equipment and pigments are likely to get poor results that fade quickly, and may also cause irritation or infection.

How to Get Safe, Effective Scalp Pigmentation

The best way to ensure that you get scalp pigmentation that is performed safely and with great results is to choose a medical clinic that specialises in hair restoration. Vinci Hair Clinic, who are responsible for developing MSP Micro Scalp Pigmentation, offer the treatment in locations around the world. Their technicians are highly trained and maintain the highest standards of safety in their clinics. They use top of the range equipment, as well as premium quality pigments in a variety of shades. By choosing professionals like Vinci Hair Clinic, you can feel confident, knowing you are in safe, expert hands and will get a scalp pigmentation treatment that will look as good as it makes you feel.





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