screenshot_2Occasionally at Vinci Hair Clinic, we come across stories so inspirational that we can’t wait to share them with our clients. Jessica Melore’s journey is one of those stories, and we think it can inspire you to face your challenges head on no matter where you are in your life and health.

According to the online magazine Woman’s Day, Jessica’s personal medical saga began at the age of sixteen when she experienced a massive heart attack.[i] For nine months, a battery-operated device was required to pump her heart until she qualified for a heart transplant. The eventual surgery gave her a new heart, but she lost her left leg due to complications. Jessica didn’t let the heart attack, surgery, or lost leg get in the way of her ambitions. Instead, she worked hard in school and was admitted to Princeton University.

During her second year at Princeton, Jessica was unexpectedly diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, cancer that originates in the lymphatic system and profoundly undermines the body’s immune system. Jessica bravely fought off the disease only to have it return again years later. After surviving lymphoma a second time, she became a motivational speaker and taught crowds around the nation how to take a positive attitude to tragedy and challenges.

Jessica is once again teaching us how to embrace the difficulties of life. After a recent uterine cancer diagnosis, Jessica decided to donate her hair to make wigs for kids who undergo chemotherapy instead of letting cancer take it from her.

Having already fought cancer twice, Jessica knows how traumatic hair loss can be; although, it’s a small problem compared to the other hurdles cancer patients must go through to fight the disease.

At a photo shoot the day of her haircut, Jessica gave this empowering message to cancer patients: “You have the potential to inspire a lot of other people by sharing your experience and bringing awareness to the need for funding and research so that one day, no one will ever have to face this.”

At Vinci Hair Clinic, we wish Jessica and everyone else fighting life-threatening diseases a swift recovery, and we hope to learn how to embrace difficulty with the same courage as Jessica Melore.



The Inspiring Bravery of Jessica Melore