At Vinci Hair Clinic, we value the expertise of our trained, world-class surgeons. Each year, they perform countless operations that restore the hairlines and youthful appearances of men and women across the world. Hair transplant surgery has come a long way since it was first invented, and we think you should know a bit about its history.

Hair transplant surgery began as an experimental procedure in the mid-1980s at facilities in the United Kingdom. After achieving success, the British Medical Journal published a description of how it worked in 1986. The article began with one of the simplest explanations of the procedure’s importance that we’ve ever read:

“In an image conscious society, a high premium is attached to youthful appearance. Baldness is unfashionable. Publicity and intrigue surrounding the alleged treatment of famous heads and extensive advertising by some private clinics have heightened public interest.”

It’s true––we do live in a society that’s obsessed with looks, and your youthful appearance matters. When your hair begins thinning or falling out, you can feel highly unfashionable. Unfortunately, lots of clinics take advantage of this and advertise treatments that amount to nothing more than quackery. Heightened public interest over legitimate procedures, like hair transplant surgery, inspired scientists and surgeons to develop successful methods of restoring a person’s hairline.

The 1986 article went on to describe the hair transplant process––surgically harvesting hairs from healthy regions of the head, preparing the balding area, and implanting the “grafts” of healthy hair into the problem region. Back in the 1980s, however, the process hadn’t been refined yet. The article called hair transplants “tedious” and lamented “inadequate results.” We’re happy to announce that in the last thirty years, the processes and results have advanced significantly.

Despite the advancements since the 80s, the British Medical Journal article hit one nail right on the head when its authors wrote, “design is crucial.” Hair transplant surgery isn’t just a procedure—it’s an art form. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we take our name and inspiration from the legendary Renaissance artist Leonardo Da Vinci, whose impeccable artistic designs inspire our work. Our world-class surgeons at Vinci Hair Clinic are ready to bring you the fruits of thirty years of hard work. Contact us today to learn if you qualify for hair transplant surgery.

The Invention of Hair Transplant Surgery