Are you getting enough minerals? According to nutritional experts, many adults are consistently failing to consume the recommended daily amount of minerals such as zinc and copper. This means that many of us are deficient in these essential micro-nutrients.

Why do some people develop mineral deficiencies?

The main reason that someone would develop a deficiency is that they don’t get enough minerals in their diet. Planning a perfectly balanced diet isn’t easy and is too time-consuming for most of us. Additionally, some people have difficulty in absorbing certain nutrients, while age, illness and stress can increase an individual’s need for a specific mineral.

There is also some evidence that fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products are not as nutrient-rich as they were in the past. An in-depth study in 1991 revealed that the mineral content of these foods was significantly lower than 50 years before. This could be linked to changes in agriculture and food processing methods.

Can mineral deficiency cause hair loss?

People who are deficient in one or more essential mineral may suffer from a variety of symptoms including hair loss. Deficiency in zinc, calcium and copper, for example, have all been linked to excess hair shedding. Mineral deficiencies can also cause skin problems, concentration difficulties and fatigue.

I think a deficiency is making my hair fall out, what should I do?

If you are experiencing unusual hair loss and think mineral deficiencies might be the problem, the first step is a professional diagnosis. Vinci Hair Clinic offer free consultations at their locations around the world. Their specialists will confirm whether your hair loss is caused by a deficiency. They will also offer personalised advice on how to restore your hair.

How can I prevent hair loss caused by lack of minerals?

Preventing a mineral deficiency is always preferable to treating it. Eating a healthy, varied diet will help but you can give yourself added “insurance” by adding a dietary supplement. Vinci Hair Clinic’s Vitruvian Line is a carefully balanced blend of minerals, vitamins and natural plant extracts. Created specifically to support hair growth and help defend against hair loss, it can also enhance your general health and well-being. You can buy it now from your local Vinci Hair Clinic or through their secure online store.

Is a Mineral Deficiency Causing Your Hair Loss?