Accutane may be a miracle-worker for acne-prone skin but it can have some less positive effects too. In this blog, we explain the link between this medicine and hair loss.

Accutane & Hair Loss

Accutane, now known as isotretinoin, is a medicine that is used to treat severe acne. It is a synthetic form of Vitamin A and works by reducing sebum production. Some 10% of people who take this medication experience hair loss as a side-effect. Some research into why this happens has shown that isotretinoin impacts on the hormones which control hair growth. The good news is that hair loss induced by isotretinoin is usually temporary and the hair will regrow when treatment is terminated. Isotretinoin is not the only medicine that can cause hair loss as a side-effect. Other medications that can trigger unexpected shedding include the anti-depressants, oral contraceptive pills and thyroid medicines.

Reducing Hair Loss While Taking Accutane

If you suspect that Accutane or another medication that you have been prescribed is causing your hair loss, you must continue to take it until your doctor advises you otherwise. Having said that, it is also worthwhile talking to the doctor about your hair loss concerns. They may be able to lower the dosage or prescribe other medications that can help prevent further shedding. Many dermatologists recommend that isotretinoin users increase their intake of B-complex vitamins but do not take Vitamin A supplements. They also suggest treating hair gently to maintain its condition and prevent damage – for example, never brushing wet hair, minimising heated styling and using nourishing treatments.

Vinci’s Treatments for Healthy Hair Growth

Vinci Hair Clinic, the leaders in hair restoration, offer a range of solutions to help support regrowth following drug-induced hair loss. Their LLLT Laser Cap is a special device which is worn on the head to deliver light therapy directly to the follicles. This helps stimulate the follicles into producing stronger, denser hair as well as promoting scalp health. This innovative and side-effect free hair-growth tool is designed for home use and produces results with just 7 minutes treatment per day. The Laser Cap can be complemented by in-clinic therapies such as PRP and Mesotherapy. For more information and customised advice, book a consultation with Vinci today.



Is Accutane Making Your Hair Fall Out?