Going bald is something that most men dread. It makes you look older, changing the way you feel about yourself and how others perceive you. However, if you think that once you’ve lost your hair, you can never get it back – you’re mistaken. One solution which is highly effective in stopping the progression of male pattern baldness, and even regrowing lost hair, is finasteride.

What is finasteride?

Finasteride is a medication which was first developed for the treatment of prostate conditions. It was later found to be effective in treating androgenetic alopecia and was approved for this purpose by the FDA in 1997. In clinical studies, it has been shown as effective in 90% of men, with hair loss stopping in 86% and hair regrowth significantly stimulated in 65%.

How does finasteride work?

To understand how finasteride works, first you need to know what causes male pattern baldness. Though the inherited hair loss condition is still not fully explained by science, we do know that genetic sensitivity to DHT is a significant factor. DHT is produced from testosterone by the enzyme 5a-reductase. It attaches to the hair follicles causing a miniaturisation process in which the hair’s growing stage shortens and hair becomes weaker. Finasteride can stop androgenetic alopecia in its tracks by inhibiting the production of 5a-reductase, reducing DHT levels by up to 70%.

Who can benefit from using finasteride?

Finasteride is only suitable for men with androgenetic alopecia and is most effective on the crown but can also help with hair loss in other areas of the scalp. Finasteride is an excellent stand-alone hair loss treatment, though many men choose to combine it with the LLLT Laser Cap or PRP to enhance their results. It is also highly recommended as a complement to FUE and FUT hair transplants.

Expert advice from Vinci Hair Clinic

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Is Finasteride the Answer to Your Hair Loss Worries?