Wearing a beard is a trend that seems to be here to stay. From the hipster artist to the big business CEO, everyone is doing it. But what about those guys who would like to sport a full beard, but find their hair grows in patchy? Is there any hope of achieving this fashionable, masculine look?

Why won’t my beard grow?Is a beard transplant right for you?

If you want a full beard, the first question to ask is why your facial hair isn’t growing as thick and even as you’d like it to be. Take a look at other male family members, especially your father. If their facial hair is sparse, it is likely that yours will be too. Beard growth is influenced by genetic factors, so yes, Dad is to blame for this one! If you are in your teens, have patience, as your beard may not grow in fully until the later stages of puberty. For those men in their 20s and beyond who are still not seeing the facial hair growth that they’d like to, the cause may well be hormonal.

How can I remedy a patchy beard?

Though the easiest solution to thin facial hair growth is to maintain a clean-shaven look, that doesn’t help much if you would prefer a beard. You’ll often hear that the more you shave, the thicker your hair will grow, but unfortunately, that is just a myth. You might also see minoxidil suggested as a remedy for beard growth. However, it is highly risky to use medications like this without prescription. For a truly effective solution, there is no better approach than to seek expert advice.

What treatments are available to improve thin facial hair?Beard FUE in progress

Vinci Hair Clinic specialises in treating hair loss and has helped many men to achieve a fuller beard and moustache using hair transplants. Though similar to a scalp hair transplant, facial hair transplants require an especially high level of skill. Vinci’s surgeons are not only highly medically trained but have a deep understanding of aesthetics. Their superior abilities ensure a completely natural looking result and the freedom to wear your facial hair in any style you desire.

Is There Hope for Guys with Patchy Beards?