At Vinci Hair Clinic, we know that when people start balding, they try everything they can to hide their thinning or disappearing hair. In fact, throughout history, prominent people have resorted to strange methods to try to cure or disguise their balding heads. Lately, we’ve been exploring Kerry Segrave’s Baldness: A Social History to learn more about prominent historical figures who have suffered from pattern baldness. Did you know that Julius Caesar, one of the most well-known people in all of history, suffered from pattern baldness and tried to disguise it as best he could? If only there had been a Vinci Hair Clinic in Ancient Rome, he could have succeeded!

You know how popular images of Caesar have the wreath with leaves surrounding his head? He actually used that, and a bad comb over, in an attempt to disguise his baldness. In his Lives of the Caesars, the Roman biographer Suetonius wrote, “baldness was a disfigurement which troubled Julius Caesar greatly… Because of it he used to comb forward his scanty locks from the crown of his head, and all of the honors voted him by the Senate and the people, there was none which he received or made use of more gladly than the privilege of wearing a laurel wreath at times.” Caesar also turned to all sorts of massages, tonics, and incantations to regrow his hair. Unsurprisingly, none of them worked. People who turn to anything outside the evidence-based practices and procedures we employ at Vinci Hair Clinic will be disappointed, like Caesar, that none of them work to reverse baldness.

screenshot_4To succeed in reversing your hair loss, you need to talk to trained professionals like ours at Vinci Hair Clinic. If Julius Caesar could have come in for a consultation, we would have recommended a scalp micropigmentation procedure. For cases of extreme balding like Caesar’s, hair transplant surgery might not work. But instead of using leaves and ugly comb overs to hide baldness, we use specialized needles and ink to pigment the scalp and give the appearance of a shorn head. Caesar would have loved the results! Contact our experts at Vinci Hair Clinic to find out more about how to reverse or successfully disguise your pattern baldness.



Julius Caesar Could Have Used Our Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure