A sure method to tell whether someone is afraid or anxious is to observe their hair. At the end of every hair follicle, there’s a tiny muscle that automatically activates when people experience fear and stress. When it activates, this muscles pulls on the hair it is attached to, making it stand on end and creating the “goosebumps” popularly associated with scary stories. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we find the physiology of hair fascinating. Goosebumps are something that everyone has experienced before, but did you know that bald men can’t get goosebumps on their scalps?

According to a popular Inverse article[i], the goosebumps muscle stops working when you lose your hair. Hair loss causes a degeneration of the hair follicles that are attached to the goosebumps muscle. When the hair is gone, there’s nothing for the muscle to pull on, and so the goosebumps can’t be created. The absence of goosebumps makes bald men more difficult to read—it’s harder to tell whether they’re anxious, stressed, or afraid.

Scientists who study the goosebumps muscle believe that understanding its role can help us with more than just reading people. Some think it could contain the answer to preventing baldness altogether. The goosebumps muscle doesn’t just react to stress, fear, and anxiety; it also creates a small cavity where the stem cells that regulate hair follicle growth can proliferate. When the hair follicle detaches from the muscle, it inhibits the stem cells from performing their important roles. If scientists can figure out what makes follicles detach from the muscle, they might be able to prevent baldness from happening in the first place.

We hope that scientists studying the goosebumps muscle are eventually able to figure out how to prevent baldness completely. In the meantime, balding men and women should know that effective hair restoration solutions already exist. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we offer world-class hair transplant surgeries that can restore your hairline and scalp micropigmentation procedures that can mimic the appearance of hair follicles. You don’t have to wait for scientists to figure out the mechanisms of the goosebumps muscle to enjoy a full head of hair: contact us today to begin your hair regrowth journey.

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Did You Know Bald Men Don’t Get Goosebumps?