Throughout history, men and women have suffered from hair loss and sought ways to cure it. For centuries there were very few options for treatment. Most people simply made do with wearing a wig to disguise their baldness. As medical and scientific knowledge has grown, improved options for hair restoration have emerged, giving hope to hair loss sufferers around the world. But which new treatments work and which don’t?

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

One of the most innovative approaches to treating hair loss is scalp micro pigmentation (SMP). Vinci Scalp Micro Pigmentation was developed by Vinci Hair Clinic’s experts as an alternative to hair transplants. The non-invasive procedure involves the application of pigment to the scalp, in a process that has some similarity to tattooing, to create the appearance of short shaved hair growth.

Hair Stem Cell Transplant

Hair stem cell transplants have received a lot of hype over recent years. The concept of the hair replacement treatment is to remove stem cells from an individual’s hair shaft and use them to grow more stem cells in a laboratory. The new stem cells would then be implanted in the scalp with the intention of creating hair growth. Though publicised as the best new hair restoration treatment, there is no evidence that it works. When it comes to choosing a treatment for your hair loss, you should never take chances. Make sure that you opt for a solution that is proven to be safe and provided by a reputable specialist clinic.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplants have come a long way since the early years when those who underwent treatment often had unsatisfactory outcomes. Now, using the FUE and FUT hair transplant techniques, it is possible for a skilled surgeon to restore even advanced stage balding at the hairline and crown. Some hair loss treatment centres offer robotic hair transplant surgery. Although promoted as quick and efficient, the results of a robot simply cannot be compared to those produced by an expert eye and talented hand.

Vinci Hair Clinics offer a choice of the latest, most advanced and clinically proven hair restoration solutions. Options include scalp micro pigmentation, hair transplants and medical treatments for men and women.

The Latest Hair Restoration Solutions