Losing hair in a beauty-obsessed culture, such as our Internet-dominated world which is focused on the status quo, can be an anxiety-inducing source of shame.

Other people, such as Samuel Dickman, have overcome their anxieties. Dickman is a columnist with the Indiana Daily Student who has been experiencing hair loss.

He says he refuses to be embarrassed by or apologize for hair loss as he relives his experience.

“I believe we should all do likewise,” Dickman advises, “For such a common condition, it’s remarkable how much we stigmatize people that experience hair loss and balding.”

Quoting the Men’s Journal, he notes that more than 50 per cent of men older than 50 experience male-pattern baldness.

Like many other analysts, Dickman says that the terminology, male-pattern baldness, is not inclusive since it excludes a high number of women who experience hair loss and balding.

A variety of factors contribute to hair loss and balding, chief among them is genetics. This means hair loss has a common denominator with height, skin colour, eye colour and body type—they are beyond human control.

Dickman reveals that he first began to notice changes in his hair during the second semester of his freshman year.

His previously thick and wavy hair had been an important part of his identity in high school since he grew it long and styled it specifically to express himself.

“Now, I had come to feel nothing but hatred and embarrassment for the hair I was once proud of,” he says, “Because my balding started at the crown of my head, I wore hats constantly at the start of sophomore year.”

Just like any man losing his hair for the first time, he would arrive early in class so he could sit at the back of the class to ensure people did not to sit behind him and stare at his bald spot.

“I tried vitamin supplements, used special hair wash gels, and ate fruit obsessively in the hope that I might magically return the hand I’d been dealt,” he explains.

Though it has been a largely difficult experience for him, he believes it would have been significantly more harmful if he were a woman since their hair defines them more than men.

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