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Established in the South East of Brazil for years, Vinci Hair Clinic proves its excellence and favoritism from hair restoration patients in this region starting operations in the city of Rio de Janeiro, offering a better solution to patients from baixada Fluminense, Niterói, Costa verde, Costa do Sol, Caminhos da Mata, Serra Verde, Caminhos coloniais among others.

With 3 locations in Brazil and more than 20 all over the world, Vinci Hair Clinic Rio de Janeiro offers Scalp MicroPigmentaion (SMP), FUE, FUT and Vinci Max Hair Transplants, as well as other alternative medical treatments for baldness.

We are the only medical clinic in Brazil to offer Scalp MicroPigmentation, we are also, the only one to offer SMP, which produces superior results against the traditional Micropigmentation.

SMP is frequently used as treatments for patients with various types of alopecia, and thanks to superior results achieved with our Hair Transplants, many of our carioca patients already know our service quality having, in the past, travelled to our clinics in other parts of Brazil, however, new patients now can have MSP and Vinci Hair Transplants in the wonderful city, as it is known Rio de Janeiro.

One of the only clinics in Brazil to offer FUE Hair Transplant, which leaves virtually no scar at all and it doesn’t need the feared horizontal cut, typical from Hair Transplants, Vinci Hair Clinic brings FUE Hair Transplant to Rio de Janeiro, this Hair Transplant Method is ideal for people who needs fast recovery.

Other than FUE, we also provide FUT Hair Transplant in Rio de Janeiro, which is most recommended for those with an extensive area and it also doesn’t depend on hair aesthetics.

Vinci Max Hair Transplant now available in Rio de Janeiro, offers the maximum number of hair follicles that a transplant can offer, usually recommended for an advanced hair loss state.

In Rio de Janeiro we also offer Hair loss treatments for men and women, mesotherapy and alternative medical treatments.

Get in touch today with Vinci Hair Clinic by calling (21) 99708-3768 to book a consultation and find out about the newest technologies derived from our clinics in Europe, or you can also have a free consultation, clicking here.

Vinci Hair Clinic – Rio de Janeiro
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