Vinci Hair Clinic Prague


Vinci Hair Clinic welcomes you to join the dedicated team at our Prague hair restoration centre for advice on non-surgical hair loss treatments.

Vinci Hair Clinic Prague

Vinci Hair Clinic are delighted to add Prague, Czech Republic to our ever-growing network of hair restoration treatment centres around the world. Our Prague hair loss clinic maintains the same high standards of safety and quality that have earned Vinci Hair Clinic our reputation as international leaders and innovators in hair restoration. Vinci Hair Clinic Prague makes it easier than ever to access our state of the art Micro Scalp Pigmentation treatment.

Hair Restoration Clinic, Prague

Located in the Czech Republic’s capital city of Prague, our hair and scalp clinic is a convenient choice for local residents as well as clients travelling to us from elsewhere in Europe or from overseas. Our micro scalp pigmentation clinic is around 20 minutes from Prague Vaclav Havel Airport and 10 minutes from the central railway station. Underground station connections and car parking can be found within a few minutes walk from our Prague hair loss clinic.

The Prague hair loss clinic is situated in Golden Melon House on the attractive and historical Old Town Square. Our proximity to the many attractions of Prague makes Vinci Hair Clinic into an excellent option for anyone who is thinking about combining their hair loss treatment with tourist activities. If you need help in planning your trip to Vinci Hair Clinic Prague, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team for further information.

Hair Loss Treatments in Prague

At Vinci Hair Clinic Prague, we are experts at treating both male and female hair loss, including male pattern balding, alopecia, and scarring on the scalp caused by old hair transplants. We understand how upsetting hair loss is, and are passionate about finding the right hair restoration treatment for you. Vinci Hair Clinic Prague can provide you with advice on our pioneering micro scalp pigmentation and medicinal treatments for hair loss. Our medically and aesthetically trained team will help you to decide which hair loss treatment is the best way to achieve your hair restoration goals, with great, natural looking results.

Free Hair Restoration Consultation in Prague

The Vinci Hair Clinic approach to treating hair loss is fully personalised and starts with a confidential hair restoration consultation. Your free, no obligation consultation includes analysis of your hair loss at Vinci Hair Clinic Prague. Based on your individual diagnosis, your Vinci advisor will develop a hair loss treatment plan to help you achieve your hair restoration goals. Whether you are noticing signs of hair thinning for the first time or have been worrying about your bald patches for a while, our expert team will find a hair loss solution that works for you.

Book Your Hair Loss Consultation at Vinci Hair Clinic Prague

Booking your hair loss consultation at Vinci Hair Clinic in Prague is quick and easy. Simply complete our online contact form and we’ll get back to you, or call us on (+420) 606 895 662. Remember, your hair restoration consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic Prague is free and completely private – why not take this opportunity to find out how you can beat hair loss forever?

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