Vinci Hair Clinic Paris

Vinci’s Hair Clinic Paris is located in the heart of the French capital, providing its clients with the latest treatments, including the revolutionary technique that is Micro Scalp Pigmentation. In just one MSP session, you can restore your hairline and achieve a short, cropped style of hair.

What Is Micro Scalp Pigmentation?

This is a revolutionary hair procedure provided by Vinci Hair Clinic in Paris, France for the treatment of many types of hair loss including alopecia, baldness and thinning hair. MSP is a treatment which is suitable for both men and women which is an advanced process that involves injecting specific colour tones of medical grade pigments in to the epidermis layer of the skin, which replicates a short, cropped hair follicle.

This is a procedure that can give you immediate and fantastic results from the first treatment. All it requires from the patient is that they keep their hair cropped short for the best results.


You can arrange a free consultation with our experienced hair restoration team in Paris today by simply completing one of our online consultation forms, or by calling the clinic directly.

Together we can prepare a pigmentation plan to carry out your wishes. Micro Scalp Pigmentation is a non-surgical innovative method that that fixes your hair loss issue, allowing you to get on and enjoy your life to the full. Our clinical team are experienced in providing this treatment, we can also offer you more traditional hair restoration procedures by request at our clinic in Paris.

The results we achieve, so there is no reason to wait any longer. Contact Vinci Hair Clinic Paris today, and get your new look.