Vinci Hair Clinic Munich

Vinci Hair Clinic is proud to announce the expansion of hair loss treatment centre network in Germany. Following the success of our Berlin hair restoration clinic, we are now bringing our world-renown expertise to the city of Munich.

The international Vinci Hair Clinic group has already helped thousands of men and women to find solutions to their hair loss problems. We offer state of the art treatments for conditions including male pattern balding, alopecia and scarring on the scalp, and tailor your hair loss solution to your personal needs and goals.

Hair Loss Clinic in Munich

Vinci Hair Clinic in Munich upholds the same high standards of quality that have earned us our reputation for excellence in all of our other treatment centres across the globe. Our comfortable, well equipped Munich hair restoration clinic is staffed by a friendly, professional team who understand just how devastating hair loss can be to your confidence.

Convenient for both Munich locals and those coming from elsewhere in Germany, Vinci Hair Clinic is located in the city centre. The Munich hair restoration treatment centre is just 5 minutes walk to the Central Station, and 2 minutes to the nearest tram stop, making it easily accessible. Ibis Hotel Munich City is also nearby, and a handy choice for Vinci Hair Clinic clients who live further away and would prefer to extend their stay overnight.

Hair Restoration Treatments in Munich

Vinci Hair Clinic Munich offers a choice of the most advanced solutions to treat hair loss, and we design every client’s treatment to meet their individual goals. Vinci Hair Clinic micro scalp pigmentation has quickly become one of our leading services, while our FUT and FUE hair transplants have helped thousands of male and female hair loss suffers to improve their appearance.

Micro Scalp Pigmentation in Munich

Micro Scalp Pigmentation (MSP or scalp micro pigmentation) was created by Vinci Hair Clinic as an alternative to FUT and FUE hair transplants. Often compared to a hair tattoo, micro scalp pigmentation is an intricate process which can only be performed properly by trained technicians. You may have seen some Munich hair loss clinics or even beauty salons offering scalp tattoos, but should be aware – these are not the same as Vinci Hair Clinic MSP.

The MSP technique involves the application of tonal pigments to the scalp, using specialist needles to create the illusion of short hair growth. The treatment has visible effects from the first session and offers a natural look that is ideal for clients who will wear their hair in a shaved or cropped style after their micro scalp pigmentation. Munich hair loss suffers can now benefit from this revolutionary treatment at Vinci Hair Clinic.

Hair Loss Consultation in Munich

If you have hair loss concerns and would like advice about treatments including hair transplants and micro scalp pigmentation, Vinci Hair Clinic Munich can help. We welcome you to join our hair restoration team for a free and completely confidential consultation. This is the perfect opportunity to get honest information about hair loss treatments, and decide whether they are right for you.

Don’t let your hair loss worries stop you from enjoying the life you deserve. Book your hair restoration consultation at Vinci Hair Clinic Munich by calling (+49) 030 51066381, or complete our online contact form. We look forward to guiding you through every step of your hair restoration journey, and helping you to achieve the look you want.

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