location-lagosVinci Hair Clinic, the world’s leading specialist hair restoration company, with 29 clinics in 13 countries, covering 6 continents, has opened it’s first African Hair Restoration Clinic in Lagos, Nigeria.  Vinci Hair Clinic are world leaders and pioneers in delivering cutting edge expert hair restoration solutions, including the revolutionary MSP™ or Micro Scalp Pigmentation™ procedure to over 2,000 clients worldwide, and has an already established global reputation in hair transplants. 

The clinic offers a wide range of hair restoration treatments available, for both men and women, that will not only stop further hair loss, but also fill in thinning areas, giving our clients back their hairline or covering a balding crown.  These procedures include Hair Transplants, Micro Scalp Pigmentation, PRP treatments, and other hair restoration solutions. Our Hair Transplants are extremely popular with women who would like a solution to the “Mama Eko” syndrome and regain their hairline and our MSP, Micro Scalp Pigmentation is popular with men.  It is a unique aesthetic treatment that can help you get the permanent look of a full head of hair without surgery or any medication, a truly permanent solution for balding.

Our Clinics in Nigeria Include:

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