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UK Hair Clinics

Vinci’s UK Hair Clinics are situated right across the UK with it’s headquarters are located in the world famous Harley Street, which since the early nineteenth century has been renowned as the location for the highest standard of medical excellence and professionalism worldwide.

From our centres right across the United Kingdom, we treat thousands of clients for their hair loss issues, and also undertake training for physicians in other locations, surgical assistants, consultants in surgical hair restoration and medical treatment for hair loss.

Our UK Hair Clinics have not only developed an outstanding reputation for its hair transplant procedures, but also for our SMP treatments – Scalp MicroPigmentation, which is a non surgical way to create the look of shaved hair or to add density to thinning hair for both men and women.

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Our UK Hair Clinics offer the following hair transplant surgeries:



Our medical & non surgical treatments for hair loss:


UK Hair Clinics - Scalp MicroPigmentation

We have clinics right across the United Kingdom, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and book your free consultation at a convenient location.

Our Clinics In The United Kingdom Include:

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