Vinci Hair Clinic Nottingham DerbyVinci Hair Clinic is delighted to introduce its revolutionary hair restoration solutions to the Nottingham-Derby area. We are experts in the treatment of many common hair loss conditions, including male pattern balding and receding hairline, alopecia, and scarring on the scalp. Hair loss sufferers in Nottingham-Derby and the East Midlands can now access our superior quality services more easily than ever before.

Vinci Hair Clinic in Nottingham-Derby

Vinci Hair Clinic is an ever expanding network of specialist hair restoration clinics, with over 30 locations in 13 countries. We have earned a reputation for excellence in care and results, and are widely recognised as the leaders in hair restoration. If you have been looking for hair loss advice or treatment in Nottingham-Derby, Vinci Hair Clinic can help.

Hair Loss Treatments in Nottingham-Derby

Do you feel embarrassed about patchy hair growth? Do you wish your hair-line was fuller? Do you want a permanent solution to hair loss? At Vinci Hair Clinic Nottingham-Derby, we understand that hair loss can be distressing, and are dedicated to helping you achieve the look that you want. Our hair loss clinic in Nottingham-Derby offers a comfortable environment with expert staff who will guide you through every stage of your hair restoration journey.

Micro Scalp Pigmentation & Hair Transplant Clinic in Nottingham-Derby

As featured in Men’s Health, The Daily Mail and on the BBC, Vinci Hair Clinic hair restoration solutions offer a permanent and natural looking way to beat hair loss. We have helped thousands of men and women around the world with our hair transplants, scalp micropigmentation and medical treatments.

  • Vinci Hair Clinic offer two main types of hair transplant – Follicular Unit Transfer (FUT) hair transplants and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplants. Nottingham-Derby based hair restoration clients opting for hair transplants will be treated in a specialist clinic, under local anaesthetic to allow for minimal recovery time.
  • Vinci micro scalp pigmentation (MSP or scalp micropigmentation) is an innovative hair restoration solution which may be used alone or in combination with other treatments. Designed to camouflage areas of hair loss, MSP is the application of colour pigments to the scalp to imitate short, shaved hair growth.

Mohammed Before

Mohammed After

Whichever hair restoration treatment you decide is right for you, with Vinci Hair Clinic Nottingham-Derby, you can relax, knowing that you are in safe hands. Our hair restoration technicians are medically trained, and are committed to creating a look which is natural and flattering. Though you may prefer not to tell anyone that you have had hair restoration treatment with Vinci Hair Clinic, many of our clients are so happy that they want to show off the results. You can take browse their photos and see how great they look in our gallery.

Your Free Hair Loss Consultation at Vinci Hair Clinic

If you live in the East Midlands, and are looking for hair restoration advice, a consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic is the ideal opportunity to get all the information you need. We know that getting  a hair transplant or scalp micropigmentation is a big decision, and want you to feel comfortable with every step of the process. When you come to our Nottingham-Derby hair and scalp clinic, your Vinci advisor will evaluate your hair loss and offer personalised advice on suitable treatments.

Book A Private Hair Restoration Consultation in Nottingham-Derby

Vinci Hair Clinic’s friendly team is waiting to hear from you and start your journey to hair restoration today. To book your free, no-obligation hair restoration consultation in Nottingham-Derby, simply complete our online contact form, or call us on 020 714 501 12.

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Vinci Hair Clinic Nottingham - Customer Reviews
  • If you want the best result for your appearance no further than Vinci Hair Clinic.

About Vinci Hair Clinic Nottingham

Vinci Hair Clinic Nottingham offers a complete range of consultations, including FUT (Strip) hair transplants, FUE and eyebrow transplants, the Vinci Max™ hair transplant procedure as well as SMP (Scalp MicroPigmentation).