long-hair-mspNo matter how natural looking it may be, scalp pigmentation is not a 3D effect and therefore the hair surrounding it should be shaved regularly in order to keep your scalp looking natural. This is one of the ongoing pieces of aftercare that should be adhered to in order to make your scalp pigmentation look completely natural.

For some, though, shaving the head is not something they want to do. If this is the case, then it may be that a hair transplant – which of course is 3D and, when the procedure is done correctly, will grow as naturally as your own hair – is the best course of action.

For balding men, the effort of shaving their head every two or three days is offset by the pleasing results scalp pigmentation has brought them. Their scalps look natural and healthy, and they are more than happy to continue their after care routine. For women with thinning hair, this is a different matter entirely, and whereas some are happy to keep their heads shaved, the majority would prefer to keep their hair as long as possible.

Long Hair Scalp Pigmentation

And there are some circumstances when scalp pigmentation will work with longer hair. If the scalp has no bald patches, but the hair is thinning, then scalp pigmentation will work to ‘shade’ the scalp, and reduce the stark contrast between hair and skin, giving the illusion of a fuller head of hair. This works best for people with brown or black hair, and can really boost confidence levels. For those men and women who would prefer to keep their hair longer, and who are not losing their natural hair in patches, this is an ideal solution.

Be aware, however, that should the hair begin to thin more rapidly, or bald patches appear, then additional scalp pigmentation procedures and/or shaving may be required.

Long Hair Scalp Pigmentation – Is It For Me?