Is your hair getting thinner?

Is your hairline receding or are you getting bald on top?

You might want to ignore these signs of pattern baldness, but that is the worse thing that you can do if you want to save your hair.

What is pattern baldness?

Pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) is a common hair loss condition that the majority of men and women will experience, to some extent, as they age. Caused by a genetic predisposition, women with the condition experience diffuse shedding, while men lose hair from their hairline and crown. While those suffering this type of hair loss might hope that it will go away by itself, it will not. Pattern baldness is progressive and will continue to develop unless treated. Many people with this condition don’t notice that their hair is disappearing until they have lost 50% of their normal growth. Though this seems like a lot, it is still not too late to prevent further hair loss and even get your hair back.

Why you shouldn’t hesitate to get hair loss help

The specialists at Vinci Hair Clinic say that it is ideal to seek professional advice soon as you notice hair loss. The earlier that you tackle pattern baldness the better. At the initial stages, there are more treatment options available and it is possible to stop the condition in its tracks, as well as restoring your lost hair. 

Personalised hair restoration solutions

Vinci Hair Clinic are experts in hair loss and offer a variety of solutions for men and women with androgenetic alopecia. Whether you are just starting to notice that your hair is thinning or you have gone completely bald, Vinci’s team will develop a personalised plan to help you get your hair back. For men and women with early stages of pattern baldness, daily medications can stall the hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth. For those who prefer a permanent approach, FUE and FUT hair transplants are highly-effective and can help even those with fairly advanced hair loss. A third solution is Micro Scalp Pigmentation to create the look of a shaved head or the illusion of improved density for those with longer hairstyles.

Losing Hair? It’s Never to Early to Get Advice