The state of your edges is a sensitive subject and the thought of them being “snatched” is something that many black women have come to dread. We look at why those hairline follicles are so easy to lose and how you can get your edges back if they have started thinning.

Edges Under Strain

There are two reasons why edges seem to cause so much trouble. The hairs that grow around the hairline are naturally finer and more fragile. Add to that the fact that edge hairs generally undergo more strain through brushing and styling, and it isn’t so hard to see why so many people lose their edges.

Is It Traction Alopecia?

Although the most common cause of edge damage is excess tension leading to traction alopecia, there could be other reasons for your hair loss. Breakage can also be attributed to bad habits such as applying relaxers too frequently or using petroleum-based hair products with heated styling tools. Both of these can burn the hair, leaving it dry and damaged. Hair loss can also be affected by diet, illness, medicines and hormonal changes.

What You Can Do To Prevent Edge Loss

The best way to avoid losing your hairline is to treat it with care. Keeping your hair well hydrated with good quality hair-care products will help, as will feeding your body with a nutrient-rich diet. Be aware that weaves, box braids and high-ponytails can cause excess strain on the hair and loosen your hair if you ever feel discomfort on your scalp.

Effective Solutions To Regrow Your Edges

The hair loss experts at Vinci Hair Clinic say that there is no quick-fix answer to getting your edges back but it is possible. With professional advice, gentle care and the right treatments you can restore your hairline to its former glory. For those with recent hair loss, it may be possible to stimulate hair growth with a combination of medical treatments such as PRP and LLLT. Another option would be to create a look of improved density with non-surgical Micro Scalp Pigmentation or to replace the lost hair with FUE or FUT hair transplants.

Losing Your Edges? You Can Get Them Back