There is no magic pill that can cure hair loss but taking the right supplement might just help you get your hair back. We look at the latest study supporting the use of vitamin and minerals for hair growth.

Nutritional Supplement Study

The medical journal Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology recently published a study on how nutritional supplementation can improve hair loss caused by telogen effluvium. The condition happens when the hair growth cycle is interrupted. The anagen stage is cut short and the follicles prematurely enter the telogen stage, resulting in diffuse hair loss.

As dietary deficiencies are often a cause of telogen effluvium, the authors of the article set out to determine whether supplements could improve it. Two groups of women were asked to take nutritional supplements for hair growth. The first group received a blend including zinc, biotin, antioxidant vitamins, amino acids and magnesium. After 3 months, they showed significant improvements with reduced hair loss, greater hair volume, density, shine and strength. The second group’s supplement included calcium pantothenate cystine, thiamine nitrate and medicinal yeast. Their results were also significant, except in the areas of shine and strength. Only the first group showed significant improvements with digital trichoscopy examination. The study concluded that nutritional supplementation is a safe and effective way to treat telogen effluvium.

Vitamins & Minerals for Healthy Hair Growth 

The experts at Vinci Hair Clinic have long understood the connection between getting the right nutritional balance and having a healthy head of hair. Their in-depth knowledge and experience inspired them to develop the Vitruvian Line nutrient complex. It is a “one-a-day” supplement that contains not only zinc, biotin, magnesium, copper, inositol, pantothenic acid, silica and many other essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The nutrient-rich formula is further enhanced with potent plant extracts. Vitruvian Line contains green tea, which has antioxidant properties, gingko biloba to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and grape seed extract to inhibit the production of DHT. Taking Vitruvian Line is beneficial for those aiming to beat telogen effluvium as well as anyone who wants to protect against hair loss while supporting healthy hair growth.

Losing Your Hair? It’s Time to Try A Supplement