Our hair and how it looks is deeply connected to how we feel about ourselves. It also affects how others see us, which is why hair loss can be such a distressing experience. If your hair is falling out or looking thinner, ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. Instead, follow these tips from Vinci Hair Clinic’s experts and you’ll soon have a healthy head of hair again.

Find out why your hair is falling out

Whether you have just started to notice hair loss or you’ve been balding for a while now, finding out the cause is essential. There are many factors which can cause hair loss including stress, genetics, a poor diet, illness and medications. Knowing which of these is making your hair fall out is a must if you want to remedy the problem. Though it might be tempting to self-diagnose, there is nothing that can beat getting advice from a hair restoration specialist. Vinci Hair Clinics make it easy for you to do this by offering free consultations at all of their treatment centres around the world.

Use clinically proven treatments

The key to stopping hair loss and getting your hair back is to use clinically proven treatments. The treatments that will be effective for you will depend on your type and stage of hair loss. This is another good reason to get advice from Vinci Hair Clinic’s experts, as they’ll design a treatment plan that is suited to your personal needs and hair restoration goals. For example, if you have alopecia areata and want to wear a shaved hairstyle, they may recommend non-surgical Micro Scalp Pigmentation. If you are at the initial stages of androgenetic alopecia, the experts may suggest that you use the medication Maxogaine (minoxidil) in combination with LLLT Laser Cap treatment to stop the progress of the condition.

Improve your daily care routines

Treating your hair and scalp well will help to keep your follicles healthy. Use hair-care products that are suited to your hair type and avoid styles/accessories that weigh the hair down or put it under strain. You could also try giving yourself a daily scalp massage. This pleasurable and beneficial addition to your routine is not only relaxing but helps improve blood circulation to the hair follicles.

Losing Your Hair? This is What You Need To Do