Times have really changed as highlighted in a recent article in the UK newspaper, The Guardian. Male grooming is becoming more fashionable. It is also becoming one of the fastest growing markets with products and services targeting male grooming appearing on the market.

The word metrosexual, according to Wikipedia, is a term that describes a man “who is especially meticulous about his grooming and appearance, typically spending a significant amount of time and money on shopping as part of this…” From eyebrow plucking to exfoliating and moisturizing, an increasing number of men are embracing their feminine side and caring about their appearance.

Where to get grooming and fashion tips

GQ and other men-related magazines only go so far when it comes to male grooming. Shaving tips and aftershave recommendations scratch the surface when it comes to wooing the fashion-conscious man. That is why women’s fashion and style powerhouses like Grazia are introducing a new publication, Graz7etta, targeting men. These magazines are attempting to bridge the gap between the laddish generation and the metrosexual.

The pressure on men to look even better is due to the rise of visual social media platforms like Instagram. It’s a well-known fact that attractiveness and career advancement go hand in hand. It takes more than just a haircut and a shave to advance your career and more men are rising to the social challenges of modern times.

Hair restoration and grooming

While an increasing number of men are plucking eyebrows and trying to tame their hair, there are even more men struggling with hair loss. There’s only so much grooming you can do to a bald head, but thanks to advancements in hair restoration techniques, there is hope yet. Techniques such as scalp micropigmentation allow men with a receding hairline the opportunity to fashion a closely shaven look.

Other techniques, such as hair transplant surgery, make it possible for men suffering hair loss to enjoy a full head of hair again.

If you want to take your grooming to the next level but your hair loss is getting in the way, consider getting some help. Vinci Hair Clinic offers a range of hair restoration options. Look at the treatment pages to find out more about what treatments are available.

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Male grooming is becoming more fashionable