Vinci Hair Clinic ChicagoAt Vinci Hair Clinic, we know from experience that every patient is unique. Balding and thinning hair can be an inheritance from your genes, the result of an accident or burn, or caused by a medical condition. Each person responds to baldness differently, and so do family, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances. What we are sure of is that for each patient we encounter, hair matters. The experts at Vinci Hair Clinic want you to know that we understand the complexities surrounding your situation, and we’re here to help.

Did you know that the historian Anu Korhonen has written about the many ways that people have interpreted baldness over time? According to her research, most people think about baldness and thinning hair in one of four ways: in relation to age, health, medical knowledge, or physical attractiveness. Which category you belong to really depends on your circumstances.

For many people, baldness signifies old age. In a culture that values youthful vitality, aging men and women whose hair begins to thin or to fall out often find that people start to treat them differently. While we can’t reverse aging, our skilled surgeons and scalp micropigmentation technicians can help to restore your youthful hairline, make your hair appear thicker, or mimic the appearance of a shorn scalp. The aging process is difficult enough––you don’t need to add the emotional burden of losing your hair.

For others, baldness is interpreted as a lack of health or medical knowledge. Each year, thousands of cancer patients, trauma victims, and people with various medical conditions who don’t need everyone talking about their condition invest in wigs to maintain their regular appearance. While wigs can be helpful, they’re costly, require maintenance, and don’t always fit right. Our skilled scalp micropigmentation technicians can permanently restore the appearance of hair so that you can get back to healing and worry less about what you look like.

For many young people encountering pattern baldness, the chief concern is physical attractiveness. Did you know that men with shaved heads appear more masculine, stronger, and smarter than bald men or even men with hair? If it’s attractiveness you’re after, Vinci Hair Clinic can help you to either restore your hairline or mimic the appearance of a shorn head.

The Many Meanings of Baldness


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