According to a Metro article, when UK celebrity Martin Roberts first started experiencing hair loss, he felt very embarrassed. He told reporters, “I didn’t like the idea of going bald.” What’s more, he admitted, “I was really embarrassed about it at first and didn’t tell anybody.” If you’ve experienced hair loss, you can probably empathize with Roberts’s experience. You woke up one day and went about your daily routine only to suddenly notice that the person in the mirror had changed––something was different. If your first reaction was like Roberts’s reaction, you wanted to ignore your discovery and tried your hardest to unsee the changes in your hair. But this denial can quickly become an obstacle to reversing your hair loss.

Unfortunately, no matter how much you cling to your denial, it’s impossible to unsee your own hair loss. In fact, your brain often exaggerates it. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we speak to men like Martin Roberts every day. When someone is in denial about hair loss, searching for treatment can feel like finally admitting something about yourself that you don’t want to acknowledge. When Roberts finally decided to acknowledge his hair loss and find a solution, he investigated hair transplant surgeries. Many of our male clients tell us the same things that Roberts recently told reporters about his initial feelings towards hair transplant surgeries: “You think it questions your sexuality or your manliness or whatever.” Ultimately, though, Roberts asked himself, “But if it helps you feel better, why not?”

In our experience at Vinci Hair Clinic, most of the men we treat feel much better about themselves when they see the incredible difference hair transplant surgery makes. Martin Roberts’s journey from the shock of losing his hair, through denial, and to finally finding a permanent solution is a common experience shared by men around the world. If you’re looking for a solution to your own hair loss, consider joining Roberts and the other men around the world who have recovered their hair and identity through hair transplant surgery.

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Martin Roberts first started experiencing hair loss