Vinci Hair Clinic BerlinMany people belief that because hair grows, it is a living thing. However, that belief couldn’t be further from the truth. Hair follicles are responsible for supporting hair growth. It is the hair follicles which are living cells. The health of your hair is, therefore, directly linked with the health of the hair follicles on your head. When the health of hair follicles is compromised, this can be seen in the condition of your hair. Here we discuss three conditions which will affect the appearance of your hair.


For most women, pregnancy may indicate a period of increase hair growth. However, what is happening, is that the hair shedding phase of the hair lifecycle is lengthened due to hormonal imbalances. This means that natural hair fall becomes less frequent and the fullness of hair becomes more apparent. Upon delivery and the hormone levels correct, many women experience excessive hair loss as the hair cycle kicks back into normal functioning. This type of hair loss is usually temporary. If you experience ongoing hair shedding months after giving birth, it may be time to consult a specialist.


Dandruff is a prevalent skin condition whose symptoms are white or grey skin flakes appearing on the scalp. Dandruff also affects the eyebrows in some cases. The common cause of dandruff is usually the speeding up of the skin shedding cycle. This creates excess skin, leading to patches of dead skin forming on the scalp. Treatment for dandruff include medicated shampoos containing the following ingredients:

  • Zinc pyrithione
  • Salicylic acid
  • Coal tar
  • Selenium sulphide

Often dandruff will cause an itchy scalp but will go away if you use anti-dandruff shampoos. If the dandruff persists after using medicated shampoos, consult your doctor as there may be another underlying cause.

Hair loss

Hair loss has some genetic causes in both men and women. Extreme and prolonged stress as well as auto-immune disease are also leading causes of hair loss. Hair loss due to stress and auto-immune responses may be reversible if discovered early and action is taken. Which is why it is important to seek the advice of a professional if you suspect you are losing more hair than usual. Once a hair restoration expert has made a diagnosis, you will be well on your way to finding a suitable solution for your unique circumstances.

Of the three conditions outlined above, hair loss will have the most visible impact to your appearance. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we offer a range of medical and surgical treatments for hair loss. Have a look at our website which details the different options on offer.


Medical Conditions That May Change The Way Your Hair Looks