Men have wildly different preferences regarding how to keep their body hair. Some men keep a carefully shaved torso, while others don’t trim at all. Recently, Adam Hurly at GQ shared some important advice about male body hair grooming. This advice is relevant whether you like to keep your body tightly trimmed or to go au natural. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we believe that hair is an important part of our identities. What matters isn’t whether you shave your body hair, it’s whether you experiment, question, and figure out what’s best for you.

Even if you love your body hair, there are good reasons to consider trimming it slightly. Periodic trimming of chest, stomach, pubic, and armpit hair has both aesthetic and hygienic benefits. When body hair is too long, it can get messy, unruly, and unpleasant. Excess body hair can become a hygienic problem because of bacterial build-up. Furthermore, trimming is important to maintaining the health of the hair itself to avoid breakage, dryness, and coarseness. If you like your body hair and want to keep your natural look, be sure to trim it occasionally to avoid unhealthy, unruly hair.

No matter what you choose for your body hair, Adam Hurly recommends against shaving with a razor. Properly shaving body hair requires prepping the skin with a warm shower, applying messy shaving cream, and using a disinfectant wash after your shave. If you aren’t careful, you’re likely to increase your risk for bacterial infection in your skin, which will cause your skin to break out. Using your regular beard trimmer is also a bad idea for hygienic reasons. It’s best to use a second trimmer (or groomer) specifically designed for trimming men’s body hair.

When it comes to the specific look you want for your body hair, it’s important to experiment, try new things, and decide what suits you best. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we believe that choices are empowering. Unfortunately, when it comes to scalp hair, genetics often robs people of their choices. Our mission is to restore your freedom to reclaim your identity by offering hair transplant surgeries and scalp micropigmentation procedures. Set up a consultation with us today to begin your hair regrowth journey.



Should Men Trim Their Body Hair?